Modernizing the access to city information that is of public interest.


Update transparency standards to match the Texas Comptroller’s Transparency Star Program.


Access to financial information, contracts, procurement, economic development, public pensions, and debt obligations.


Update financial information with relevant data that includes summaries, and downloadable information.


Simply put, transparency that is meaningful increases accountability.

I’m proposing transparency reforms, such as enabling the live stream of City Council meetings and facilitating the posting all meeting minutes, budgets, audits, and any non-confidential items of public interest. As things stand, residents have little to no immediate access to critical information about our city. If we look at the cities surrounding Palmhurst, it would appear that we are one of the few, if not only, cities that require a resident to submit a public information request and wait up to ten days to get access to documents such as financial reports, audits, meeting minutes, and agendas.

For example, Alamo, Alton, Donna, Edinburg, Elsa, La Joya, McAllen, Mercedes, Mission, Palmview, Penitas, Pharr, San Juan, and Weslaco provide easy access to these documents on their websites. My goal for Palmhurst is to earn the Texas Comptrollers Transparency Star Award for going above and beyond with our efforts to keep our residents fully informed. In addition, many of these websites provide live streams of City Council meetings for residents who cannot attend in person. So why hasn't Palmhurst done the same?

I'm proposing innovative ideas that can be implemented quickly with little or no investment. I believe that together we can improve our future.

My goal is to have the level of transparency in Palmhurst reach the standards required to receive the Transparency Star Program by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts' Transparency Stars program recognizes local governments for going above and beyond in their transparency efforts. The program recognizes government entities that accomplish the following:

  • Open their books not only in their traditional finances but also in the areas of contracts and procurement, economic development, public pensions, debt obligations; and
  • Provide clear and meaningful financial information not only by posting financial documents but also through summaries, visualizations, downloadable data, and other relevant information.


It is essential to shorten the permitting process and transform Palmhurst into a region that encourages the formation of new businesses.

Attract New Business

It is essential to shorten the permitting process and transform Palmhurst into a region that encourages the formation of new businesses.

One of the most important responsibilities of city government is to shape citywide development for equity and resilience. Without comprehensive planning and responsive zoning, Palmhurst's development decisions are predicated on special approvals and exclusions following a complicated and opaque public procedure. Not only do we lack openness and accountability, but we are also missing out on the opportunity to leverage growth for the benefit of Palmhurst's citizens and businesses. I am committed to revamping our development processes to enable planning that prioritizes the resilience and stability of our communities. Entrepreneurs, property developers, and businesspeople must find Palmhurst an ideal spot for conducting business.

As someone who grew up in an entrepreneurial household and an attorney who negotiates deals daily, I can confirm that this is not always a straightforward undertaking. The business community and the City need to establish strong working connections. It is essential to shorten the permitting process and transform Palmhurst into a region that encourages the formation of new businesses.

Small businesses are the backbone of Palmhurst's economy, functioning as community nexuses in our neighborhoods, economical engines for families across the city, and one of the most crucial means of generating wealth in our communities. Being raised by small company owners as parents, I will advocate for entrepreneurs and remove obstacles, so locally owned businesses may thrive, beginning with streamlining small business licensing and permitting processes and changing city contracting and procurement. In addition, I will assist in reviving Palmhurst's economy so that local small businesses, their staff, and the communities they serve can thrive.

Public Safety

Support first responders who risk their lives to keep us secure.


Illuminated roadways to deter and prevent criminal activity.


Eliminating roadside debris and waste through embracing community partners.

Public Safety

I will always put the security of Palmhurst families first.

I am devoted to helping the first responders who risk their lives to keep us secure. I know from personal experience how skilled and professional law enforcement can help families receive the assistance they require.

The subject of public safety is complex and demands answers that are well-informed, deliberate, and practical. Scare tactics and exaggerated claims may generate headlines, but they do not make a city safer. My idea focuses on boosting targeted resources to address our actual public safety requirements. Eliminating debris and waste, as well as illuminating darkened roadways that promote criminal activity, is essential to preventing crime. Studies indicate that crime decreases when communities are cleaned up. It advocates for employing proven strategies to prevent crime before it occurs.

There must be a commitment to implement policies that maintain necessary workforce levels while embracing community partners, resources, environmental designs, and established best practices wherever possible to lower these costs.

We cannot limit our vision, understanding Palmhurst's unique funding structure, and revenue stream. We know that innovation based on research, quality infrastructure, and skilled labor are the primary drivers of long-term economic competitiveness. We are also aware that these factors can assist reduce crime and the demand for additional public safety resources.

Property Taxes

No new property taxes will be allowed.


No city property tax is attractive to new businesses looking to expand.

Property Taxes

No new property taxes will be allowed.

For the past 58 years, the city has managed all public spending through the municipal sales tax fund and met the needs of the community without incurring additional debt; the city's innovative approach to fiscal management has resulted in a significant increase in cash resources and saved residents and businesses thousands of dollars in annual taxes.

In addition to having no municipal property taxes, Texas has no state property taxes. This combination results in increased profits for businesses and their employees. The Texas state sales tax rate is 6.25 percent, and the city of Palmhurst adds another 2 percent. 1.5 percent is allocated to the city, while 0.5 percent is allocated to the Palmhurst (Police Department) Crime Control And Prevention District. This local sales tax is the city of Palmhurst's primary source of revenue. Currently, the Palmhurst sales tax rate totals 8.25%, the maximum percentage allowed by law.

Palmhurst is situated near a rapidly expanding metropolitan region and receives many daily commuters. Thus it continues to be advantageous to eliminate its property tax in favor of a moderate sales tax.

However, this experiment would not have been practical without fiscal management, demonstrating that it is possible.

Fiscal Responsibility

Keep a healthy fund balance.


Develop an emergency fund for natural disasters and health emergencies.


Operate on a zero-based budgeting model.

Fiscal Responsibility

Keep a healthy fund balance.

The fiscal policies that have been in place for decades will form the foundation of my government. As the old saying goes, "the proof is in the pudding."

These principles constitute a significant portion of Palmhurst's foundational building blocks. Most of the credit goes to those who came before us and set the necessary pieces for a solid financial foundation.

It has achieved the majority of the things we know to be essential to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our Palmhurst citizens. I am to help Palmhurst continue to grow and move forward with innovative ideas and concepts.

Some may disagree. In my opinion, the primary issue is that they do not adequately comprehend Palmhurst, its residents, and its business community. Unfortunately, they prioritize their own agenda over the well-being of the city.

We must maintain constant vigilance over the fund balance. The remaining balance is our emergency fund. Hopefully, we are all now aware of the significance and relevance of this fund balance. Suppose a pandemic, a record-breaking freeze, and a hurricane did not motivate everyone's attention. In that case, I do not know what would. If elected, I will also implement and modify several financial best practices and transparency procedures to reinforce and explain them.

After experiencing the numerous unplanned occurrences of the past 18 months, everyone should recognize the need for fiscal caution. The majority of individuals and businesses are aware of this reality. Yet, as I've observed, the government occasionally engages in worthwhile endeavors without considering "what if the funds become unavailable in the future?"